Geoffrey Girard

by Thomas Lockley and Geoffrey Girard
Hanover Square Press (HarperCollins)

The remarkable life of history’s first foreign-born samurai, and his astonishing journey from Africa to the heights of Japanese society.

When Yasuke arrived in Japan in the late 1500s, he'd already traveled much of the known world. Kidnapped as a child, and trained into a boy soldier in India, he was now bodyguard to the head of the Jesuits in Asia.

Among those drawn to his presence was Lord Nobunaga, head of the most powerful clan in Japan. Soon, Yasuke was learning the traditions of Japan’s martial arts, fighting in battles, and ascending to the upper echelons of Japanese society as samurai.

African Samurai presents the never-before-told true story of this unique figure, whose astonishing journey offers a new perspective on world history and a vivid portrait of life, faith, and war in medieval Japan.

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"Lockley and Girard deftly survey the cultural and geopolitical aspects of feudal Japan... make excellent use of primary sources, creating an engaging narrative. An exciting illuminating tale of action and intrigue."
[★ Starred Review ★]
"With fast-paced, action-packed writing, Lockley and Girard offer a new and important biography and an incredibly moving study of medieval Japan... Highly recommended."
Library Journal
[★ Starred Review ★]
---   ---
"Eminently readable...The solid scholarship on and imaginative treatment of Yasuke’s life make this both a worthwhile and entertaining work."
Publishers Weekly
  "A fast-paced novelistic history of Japan’s feudal past; a panoramic view of politics, sex, religion, and war. A rich portrait of a brutal age."
---   ---
"AFRICAN SAMURAI is phenomenal. The afterword alone is a history buff’s dream, laying out an encyclopedic knowledge of important figures of history as they relate to Yasuke’s world. A tremendous nonfiction book that rivals any high fantasy novel out."
The Houston Chronicle
  "Vast, comprehensive and enlightening. The narrative style is as razor-sharp and captivating as a katana's blade, drawing in the reader and giving a 'first-hand' account of an extraordinary life."
Chris Bradford
author of the Young Samurai series
---   ---
"Gripped me from the opening sentence... Yasuke emerges as an important and incredibly overlooked force in history.”
Jack Weatherford
author of Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
African Samurai sounds like a novel, a freaking amazing novel. But Yasuke is real, and Lockley and Girard bring him and his world to life with incredible research and style."
Bret Witter
#1 New York Times bestselling
co-author of The Monuments Men

UK Edition
Sphere (Little, Brown & Co.)

Polish Edition
Kirin Publishing House

Italian Edition
Newton Compton Editori

Often, someone needs a little help telling their story. In the process, I meet interesting people who do/did cool stuff, and they get the book they always imagined. Several projects in the works in this space.

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Tales of the Eastern Indians by Geoffrey Girard (Middle Atlantic Press, 2008)
A haunted hill with a terrifying secret... The young mammoth hunter who becomes the hunted... Five ancient travelers trapped in the City of the Dead... A modern chief joins Elvis to help save his tribe... The storyteller who lures nightmares to life... Take an unforgettable journey through the history, myths, and wonder of the eastern American Indians. Within the pages of these thirteen original and unique tales, you will meet an unforgettable cast of timeless heroes and fantastic beings, dreamers and adventurers, daughters and brothers. For readers of all ages to discover, remember and celebrate this unique culture and its storied people of both yesterday and today.
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Tales of the Atlantic Pirates by Geoffrey Girard (Middle Atlantic Press, 2006)

Cannon fire, swordplay and the ruthless pursuit of gold have stalked the high seas from the decks of black-flagged ships for centuries. Here be thirteen original tales based on the real-life pirates who once sailed and hunted along America's coast. From ghostly crews and cursed islands to the capture of Blackbeard and modern-day treasure hunts, join these seafaring outlaws for more than three hundred years of history, folklore, and adventure.

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Tales of the Jersey Devil by Geoffrey Girard (Middle Atlantic Press, 2005)

The legend of the mysterious and terrifying Jersey Devil, a unique American myth that has terrorized and captivated the mysterious New Jersey Pine Barrens for more than two hundred years, collected in thirteen original tales. From the creature's birth in 1735 to a modern-day Jersey Devil hunt, dare to follow this monster and those who have faced its terror through more than two hundred years of American history, folklore, and horror.
A fun, informative book… But read it with all the lights on!” (Brian Keene Author of THE RISING)

“Chills the blood as it provides fascinating insights into this particularly spooky legend. Girard is a writer to watch.” (Bryan Smith - Author of FREAKSHOW)
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